The Emotional Labour of Nursing Revisited

As nurses become responsible for increasingly technical service delivery, hasthe profession lost its focus on the emotional and human aspects of the role?Do care and compassion remain at the heart of contemporary nursing practice? In this major reworking of a classic text, respected author Pam Smith emphasizesthe continued relevance of emotional labour within the modern healthcarecontext. Revisiting her original findings in light of fresh theoretical perspectivesand data drawn from her own new research studies, Smith explores the waysin which the experience of learning nursing and caring is changing in the twentyfirstcentury. A vivid example of the significance of nursing’s evidence base, this timely newedition:? addresses the most emotionally challenging aspects of the nursing role,including encountering death and dying on the ward;? examines the impact of race, age, gender and violence in providing patientcentredcare;? interrogates the importance of the role of practice educators and mentors inpractice settings. An inspiring text for the next generation of nurses, The Emotional Labour ofNursing Revisited is an essential read for anyone interested in the contemporarychallenges of keeping the whole person at the centre of their practice.

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