Temperamental approach of medical disorders in UNANI perspectives

Objectives of the present study were to assess the mizaj of the patients having different types of diseases and to evaluate the harmoney of diseases in respect of Mizaj and to provide some knowledge/instructions to maintain their health and to prevent the diseases which may occur in them in future.For carrying out the present study 400 patients were enrolled of either sex with age group of 20-60 yrs. The patients did not fulfil the criteria excluded from the study, like accidental, traumatic and deaf and dumb patients. Following enrolment of the patients, their Mizaj was assessed individually by two performa designed on the bases of ten A’lamat (10 determinates) and signs and symptoms of dominance of Akhlat. After assessment of Mizaj prevalence of Sue Mizaj Sada, Sue Mizaj Murakkab and Sue Mizaj Maaddi were observed.

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