Strategies in Improving Quality of Health Care in Hospitals in Kenya

This book covers a study on the effectiveness of quality health care strategies in improving service delivery at the national referral hospitals in Kenya. The country’s referral system involves a comprehensive health care system used to manage patient health care needs by referring them from a lower level to a higher level facility that can provide the level of care needed or for a highly specialized health care. The study findings revealed that quality health care strategies have a positive effect on service quality at the national referral hospitals.However, the strategies had varying degrees of association with service delivery systems, processes and outcomes. The study recommends adoption of integrated approach to Quality Improvement Programs and increased uptake of ICT innovations to enhance turnaround time. The hospitals’ management should encourage service delivery innovations at the functional units which are appropriate to various departments to complement institutional-driven programmes. It is also prudent to adopt an ideal model for implementation of quality health care strategies to optimise service quality and clinical outcomes.

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