Socio-economic status and HIV-related discrimination in Lagos, Nigeria

Globally, HIV/AIDS is one of the major health challenges threatening human existence and survival. Despite all HIV education and enlightenment campaigns that the infection could not be contracted by casual contact, the disease has accentuated social discrimination. However, not every person living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) experiences discrimination. Evidence has shown that social inequalities determine who suffers from the discrimination. Understanding HIV-related discrimination therefore, requires an understanding of how social inequalities foster it. This book therefore analyzes the influence of socio-economic variables on discrimination since socio- economic status is a fundamental factor of inequality. This analysis will advance theoretical understanding of the phenomenon and will be particularly useful to policy makers, PLWHA, their families, care givers and professionals to formulate policies, design strategies and programmes that will minimize the psychological trauma of the PLWHA and also protect their human rights.

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