Social Networking Strategy for a Startup Retail Pharmacy in Egypt

The Egyptian revolution was a spark that enlightened the social media in a comprehensive manner among the nation, therefore online platforms are considered to be a marvelous opportunity to speed up the role of marketing in any start-up pharmacy. The objective of this research was to present a guideline for the Egyptian retail pharmacies on how to implement social media to grow in an online interactive market. Manifest anxieties for instance, concerns of information, safety over the social platforms, slow adaptation of technology by drug stores, inappropriate announcements generated by the customers, and the lack of privacy and security concerning the patients’ health related information throughout the pharmacists’ interaction presented dilemmas that required further careful handling for the success of the business results. Social marketing methodologies necessitated that the social platforms have to be set based on certain requirements, monitored and measured by suitable tools to be able to control the strategy performance and also to improve the process of planning. Undoubtedly, social media marketing has proven to be a better approach compared to traditional marketing. The market research is covered by the marketing facts and target groups that have brought to light the high prospects to establish and expand a pharmaceutical social media strategy in Egypt.

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