Role Of Human Papilloma Virus In Head And Neck Precancer And Cancer

Head and neck squamous cell carcinomas are a biologically heterogeneous group of cancers. They are a major cause of cancer morbidity and mortality worldwide and are characterized by a multi-phasic and multi-factorial aetiopathogenesis. Head and neck cancers, 90% of which are squamous cell carcinomas, rank 6th among all malignancies. Oral cancer is a subtype of head and neck cancers. The most frequently detected genetic alteration in cancers of the oral cavity is the loss of tumor suppressor protein such as p53, anti proliferative proteins, and the products of retinoblastoma gene (pRb). This is a result of either genetic mutations or interactions with the viral oncoproteins like human papilloma virus (HPV) E6/E7. Any disruption in their activity leads to accumulation of genetic mutations, leading to a carcinogenic phenotype. This book provides an informative data on The Role of HPV in Head and Neck Precancer and Cancer.

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