Prevalence of Oral Symptoms in Patients with Psychosocial Disorders

It is a known fact that mind and body share an intimate relationship. There are many ways in which mental and physical health impact each other. Psychosocial factors play a part in pathogenesis of physical health, and oral health is no exception. Several investigators have speculated that psychosocial factors may play an important role in the pathogenesis of an array of oral symptoms, ranging from poor oral hygiene to xerostomia and even chronic pain disorders, like temporo-mandibular joint disorders, burning mouth syndrome, atypical pain, etc. However, very little data are available on the presence and prevalence of such symptoms in patients suffering from psychosocial disorders. This book is expected not only to provide a baseline data about the prevalence, but help in a better understanding of the association between these oral symptoms and the psychological status of the patients.

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