«p21 ras» The hidden target for cancer-An in Silico analysis

p21 ras protein is the most important component involved in the cell multiplication by participating in cell cycle. Due to point mutation in the gene coding p21 ras which ultimately results in the change in some nucleotide bases changing the confirmation of the protein which resulted in the production of altered ras p21 lacking GTP binding activity, which leads to the occurrence of ras p21 in a permanently activated state, causing uncontrolled multiplication of cells.Single nucleotide polymorphisms have been detected in p21 ras which are making the drug binding difficult and reducing the capacities of in binding of p21 ras with ATP_GTP_A motif. The current study focused in silico approach for identification and variation in drug bindings in association with cancer and ADME studies of the best drug.Six mutagenesis 59-T, 83-T, 119-N, 144-I, 164-A, 165-V have been proved to greatly reduce the GTP binding activity to ATP_GTP_A motif.Docking study has proved variations in drug binding due to the amino acid substitution and structural changes.Six mutated structures are obtained and 5 drugs through docking studies and the toxicity of the best drug is determined.

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