Methionine Induced PCOS and PCOS:Comparative Effect On Ovaries

In the present book, a preliminary study is undertaken to understand effects of elevated homocysteine level on ovarian function which was carried out as a dissertation work for M.Sc. in 2010. Rat model were used as an experimental animals.Rats were treated with L-Methionine and Letrozole + Methionine (in combination) to induce hyperhomocysteinemia with or without PCOS like conditions.On the basis of experimental observation, rat models showed positive changes in body and ovarian weights along with serum parameters involving glucose profile, creatinine and enzyme activity(3 beta and 17- beta HSD, serum glutamate transferase, uridine diphosphate-Gluconyl transferase ) , confirming direct impact of elevated homocysteine on Ovarian function. Therefore, this book can help the researchers by providing new dimensions regarding efficiency of homocysteine in making ovaries susceptible to PCOS.

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