Interdisciplinary oral care for hospitalized older people

The average length of life has risen from 47 to 73 years in this century, but the maximum life span has not increased. Older people commonly have multiple medical, physical and psychosocial problems impacting on their health. In a hospital setting where care tends to focus on the main medical reason for admission, many of these other problems can remain undetected and, hence, untreated. Oral health is an important component of overall health and well-being, for institutionalized elders. As people get older, the need for oral care increases. Older people are keeping their teeth longer and this trend will continue.Oral health, although rarely life-threatening, plays an essential role in the quality of life, management of medical problems, nutrition, and social interaction of the elderly. This book contains information to assist medical professionals,dentist,and service providers to improve the oral health of older people in their care and it can be applied for the assessment of older people in ambulatory, community and residential care settings.

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