Heterocyclic Schiff Bases; Study and Prospects as Anticonvulsants

Some novel schiff bases of 3-aminomethyl pyridine and 2-amino pyridine have been synthesized through condensation reaction with substituted aryl aldehydes/ketones and/alicyclic ketones. These schiff bases were screened for anticonvulsant activity, neurotoxicity and antideprassant activity. The chemical structures of synthesized compounds were confirmed by FT-IR, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR spectroscopy, and elemental analysis. In the preliminary anticonvulsant screening, three convulsant test models were used: maximal electro shock (MES), subcutaneous pentylenetetrazole (sc.PTZ), subcutaneous strychnine (sc.STY) and neurotoxicity screen (rotorod method in mice). Protective index (PI) is considered an index of the margin of safety and tolerability between anticonvulsant doses and doses of various synthesized compounds exerting acute adverse effects. In Phase-II screening in mice ED50 and TD50 and PI were determined. Some selected compounds were subjected to oral MES screen in rats and were found effective against MES test.

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