Gliclazide Mucoadhesive Microcapsules:Impact of Process Variables

Over the last few years,the significant proportion of people is suffering with the chronic disease diabetes.The consumption of anti diabetic drugs is also increased.Considerable research work is performed to synthesize the new molecules and modification of existing formulations,for effective management of diabetes.The conventional dosage forms are as such not suitable for the maintenance of healthy glucose levels for prolonged period of time.So modified dosage forms such as mucoadhesive dosage forms are aimed to retain the drug in the GIT for prolonged period of time and to release the drug at the desired rate at the site of absorption.The efficacy of the mucoadhesive formulations is affected by the various formulation and process variables.Such variables were identified and controlled to optimize the final formulation.Appropriate statistical interference tests were applied to determine the statistical significance of these process and formulation variables.Thus this research work successfully developed an anti diabetic formulation with mucoadhesive approach to maintain the desired blood glucose levels in diabetic population.

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