Glass Ionomer Cement

The glass ionomer cements are more aesthetically pleasing than metallic restoratives, although less so than resin composites, and they are considered one of the safest restorative materials. When reviewing the dental luting cements, glass ionomers possess several advantages compared to the resin composite, zinc phosphate and other dental cements. The glass ionomer cements can be used in a wide range of clinical applications. They also have anticariogenic potential produced by incorporated fluorine, good biocompatibility, better chemical adhesion to the tooth structure, well balanced physical properties, and good manipulability. The clinical applications of glass ionomer cements are as luting agents, fillings for anterior and posterior teeth, linings, bases and cores, fissure protection materials for prevention of caries, sealants for patients with allergic reactions to resin based materials, bonding agents for composite resin, root canal fillings, and adhesive cements for orthodontic brackets. The reason glass ionomer cement is widely applicable is that it can exhibit varied physical properties by changing the powder liquid ratio or the powder and liquid formulation.

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