Female Sexual Dysfunction among Diabetic and Non Diabetic Patients

Female sexual dysfunction is defined as disorder of either desire or arousal or orgasm or painful sexual activity that leads to personal distress and relationship difficulties. A number of psychological and sociological variables may affect female sexual function and relationship with the sexual partner is one of the most important factors. Diabetes mellitus is considered to play a principle role in the etiology and pathogenesis of sexual dysfunction.However, the actual relations are conflicting. Newman et al. (1986) did the study among insulin treated diabetes and suggested that diabetes inhibits sexual excitement and causes dyspareunia. However the presence of sexual dysfunction did not correlate with metabolic control, insulin dose, duration of diabetes and diabetes complications. Female sexual function is not commonly discussed in the community. Hence it is important to provide knowledge on the effect of diabetes on sexual function for better management of patients as well as to create awareness among the medical personnel.

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