Diarrhea a leading cause of illness and death in children in developing countries may lead to the cause of dehydration resulting from loss of water and electrolytes and lack of absorption of nutrients due to inflammatory bowel. A total of forty (40) blood samples were collected from normal and diarrheal children from Allied and Civil Hospital, Faisalabad belong to middle socio-economic class. Blood samples were collected with and without anticoagulant from each individual for separation of serum which was presented at -2°C. Serum biochemicals, hormones and health markers were estimated in triplicate while using standard procedures of analysis. A significant high concentration of LDL, ALT, homocysteine, total oxidant status, K and Mg while serum triglyceride, total proteins, albumin, globulin, T3, T4, total antioxidant status, Na, Ca, Zn and Cu were significantly low in patients with diarrhea. Diarrhea patients have shown a significant increase in DNA damage. In addition, DNA damage has shown a positive correlation with glucose, LDL and with potassium while negative correlation was observed with total proteins, thyroxine, total antioxidant status, sodium and calcium

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