Control of brucellosis and kinetics of immuno-allergic reactions

Brucellosis is one of the most important zoonotic diseases in our country and in many other countries. Epidemiological and bacteriological data prove the presence of this infection in all farm animals. Monitoring the epidemiological situation and determining the prevalence of Brucella infection, serological tests were conducted. Prevalence of Brucella infection in cattle complexes in Durres and Lushnja resulted respectively 38.4% and 21.8%. For isolation of perpetrators in aborted fetuses and cows we used the isolation test «Gold Standard». Brucella spp was isolated 100%. Isolates were identified as B. abortus biotype 6 and B. melitensis biotype 3, results confirmed by Reference Laboratory Weybridge. To interrupt Brucella infection with the final objective that of eradicating the disease was applied the vaccine with strain RB 51. Immunogenicity evaluation of vaccine became with brucelina PPD. allergen, which has sensitivity 94% and specificity 100%. The elimination of sera-positive animals, the application of different vaccination schemes, gave positive results and today these complexes currently are considered practically “free» from Brucella infection.

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