Comprehensive Three Dimensional CBCT Analyses of The TM joint

The temporomandibular joint is a thee dimensional structure; it should be evaluated in the three planes using accurate measurements regarding inclination, position and other parameters such as length, height, width as well as surface area of each component in the three orthogonal planes by precise localization of landmarks in the three planes rather than less accurate identification in two planes. 1- A stepwise standardized CBCT analysis of the TMJ is presented. Through using this detailed analysis, orthodontists and TMJ surgeon can three dimensionally evaluate morphological and positional changes in the TMJ. 2- The analysis provided descriptive measurements for condylar position in the three orthogonal planes in relation to the joint spaces and for assessment of condylar symmetry. 3- Slice area and polygonal measurements presented in this analysis are capable of detecting even small osseous changes in the temporomandibular joint components.

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