Candida spp. Virulence and Diagnosis. Anti-Candidal Therapy

«Candida spp. Virulence and Diagnosis. Anti-Candidal Therapy» was written to provide comprehensive information on diseases caused by pathogenic yeasts. Candida species are the most common fungi involved in candidiases account for more than half of the cases. The presented information indicates that candidiasis remains an important clinical problem. Candida spp. colonize mucosal surfaces of healthy individuals. On the other hand, these yeasts as opportunistic pathogens cause serious diseases. In the book, the key virulence properties of Candida spp were discussed. We focused on Candida superficial and systemic infections as well as risk factors predisposing to candidiasis. Furthermore, our review outlines the virulence mechanisms which play a central role in the pathogenicity of Candida spp. Therapy of various forms of candidiasis as well as antifungal drug resistance are discussed in the book. Moreover, we emphasised that the resistant Candida strains present management problems for the clinicians. It is also apparent from our book that candidiasis has resulted in the need to develop concepts of new treatments.

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