Cancer vs Natural Origins

Cancer, the second leading cause of death worldwide next to cardio vascular diseases. It causes more than six million deaths each year in the world. Among the various treatment methodologies chemotherapy is the more successful today. Natural origins are the current interest of discovery of natural drug for cancer treatment; here we have utilized worldwide available Tecoma stans flowers. Methanolic extract of Tecoma stnas flowers were tested for its anti cancer potential by invitro and invivo cancer animal models, In vitro antitumor activity evaluated by the MTT assay method using Vero and HEP?2 cell lines. Then the extract subjected to in vivo anti cancer activity using Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (EAC) tumor model. The activity was assessed Increase in life span, average increase in body weight, changes in food intake, tumor volume, tumor weight, viable cell count, non viable cell count, PCV, Total cell count, hematological studies and bio chemical parameters. The potency of the extract was compared with standard 5-flurouracil. This work will be much useful to the new researchers for getting guidance regarding the methodology to carry out anti cancer activity.

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