Bacterial Profile of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

Intensive Care Unit is a hotbed of infections and measures are taken to prevent these infections. Ventilator associated pneumonia is one of the Intensive Care Unit related infections. This book tells us what ventilator associated pneumonia is, its possible bacterial etiological agents from a Microbiological point of view and the various measures which can be taken to manage ventilator associated pneumonia. Materials and methods to process and detect the bacteria in the sample are also given. Previous studies which have been done on ventilator associated pneumonia are given in the review. This book has been written for Anaesthetists, medical students, doctors, surgeons, Medical Microbiologists, hospital administrators, operation theatre personnel, scientists, nurses, technicians, biotechnology students, pharmaceuticals, researchers, anyone who is associated with Intensive Care Unit. After reading this book, one will become aware about ventilator associated pneumonia and hopefully we will get to see very few cases of ventilator associated pneumonia in the future.

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