Alteration of PPAR gamma Expression on Colorectal Cancer

Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma (PPAR gamma), a nuclear receptor, plays important role in adipocyte differentiation, inflammation and cancer such as colorectal cancer. Its still controversial issue whether PPAR gamma acts as tumor suppressor in colon carcinogenesis and its agonists’ role in tumor growth inhibition or proliferation. However, in my book, I have shown PPAR gamma expression is lower in cancer cell-line compared to normal colon epithelial cell. This result also correlates with cancer tissue sample where most of the cases PPAR gamma expression is lower compared to the distant normal colon tissue sample of the patient. In another part of my work, I have investigated if PPAR gamma agonist, rosiglitazone can inhibit cancer cell proliferation, growth arrest and apoptosis. It was unexpected that both normal and cancer cell proliferation was inhibited at higher concentration of rosiglitazone (100mM). This was not previously shown whether PPAR gamma activation by its agonist has deleterios effect on colon epithelial cell proliferation. I have not seen any major difference in apoptotic cell Death or cell cycle arrest in both normal and cancer cell.

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